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Crispy teriyaki salmon with grilled zucchini strips

It’s only Wednesday and I’ve accomplished some pretty big things this week already. I’ve managed to eat half of a wheel of Brie cheese since Sunday….alone. And to think I cancelled my gym membership. Oh joy! I opened up a can of bean soup and heated it up for dinner Sunday night. Fancy stuff here, […]

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Italy…where blogs go to die

Hmmm so I swear I have a good excuse for the past 2 weeks–I’ve been traipsing across Italy (with some Ibiza sprinkled in). Now as for those 2 weeks before I left on my trip, well that was just pure laziness. I wasn’t even working!! Summer vacation officially started on June 9 and that’s when […]

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Eating House

I had every intention of cooking last night, but my friends and drinks got in the way! After leaving the gym I got roped (ok, ok, I went on my own volition) into happy hour. So after downing an overpriced protein shake from the snack bar at my gym, I met up with them for […]

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