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Gnocchi with a mushroom cream sauce

I’m on a carb kick. No, seriously. I’ve literally had pasta or gnocchi every day this week. Do I feel guilty? Nope, not one bit! And neither should you! I was raised in a pasta-focused household so I was never indoctrinated with this American mentality of “low-carb” this and “low-calorie” that. I was raised with […]

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Basic roasted chicken and potatoes

This dish is one that every cook should have in their repertoire. It’s easy, feeds 3-4 people, and best of all it’s really cheap to make! The other great thing about roast chicken is that you can stuff it with whatever you have on hand!Yes! Depending on what you decide to stuff the chicken with […]

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Lentil and rainbow swiss chard soup

It was cold for one day in Miami. One day!!! I know all you Northerners are throwing things at your computer screen right about now but is it so bad to wish for just a few days of cold-ish weather down here in Miami??? Just a few days! Waaaaaaa Ok, tantrum over now. On our […]

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