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Spaghetti with a pesto tomato cream sauce

This is easy. This is vegetarian. It’s annoyingly simple. This meshes two of my simple pasta sauces with some cream. MMMMMMMmmm cream. Your taste buds will thank you. The pesto recipe is here. The simple, fresh tomato sauce is here. Add a few tablespoons of cream (regular or heavy whipping cream). Combine and serve over […]

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Caprese reinvented….

Everyone is familiar with the famous Italian Caprese salad. Most people tend to pronounce it incorrectly (it’s cah-preh-zeh) but nonetheless it’s a beloved appetizer by many Americans and can be found on almost any Italian restaurant menu. Caprese is so simple, yet it can definitely be mangled. Since typically there are only 4 ingredients it’s imperative to […]

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Pesto Genovese

And I’m back! I realized tonight as I was writing this post that it’s been a week since I last posted. Where does the time go?? Life seems to get in the way and unfortunately the blog is the first thing that gets neglected (well really it’s the gym). On a happy note–it’s my birthday […]

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