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Chunky Corn Chowder with Crispy Pancetta

It’s June in Miami. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s rainy. Sounds perfect for a nice, hot, thick soup, right?? Luckily we live in hermetically sealed rooms of cold-ass air conditioning so realistically we can eat whatever we want. I never let the weather determine my food cravings anyway. Who does that?! For you vegetarians, you […]

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No cream potato and leek soup with pancetta chips

Oooooooo-weeeeeee! It’s cold! Before you start scoffing and rolling your eyes (I see you, Northerners) let me explain myself. I grew up on an island, Key West to be exact, and I practically wore flip-flops year round. I have lived in Miami for the past seven years and essentially wear flip-flops year round here. I loathe the […]

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Oh mamma mia…Spaghetti alla carbonara

No, this is not healthy. Nope, not really low fat either. But after eating plant-ish things and nuts and seeds (I think I’m actually sprouting feathers)  for the past 48 hours to detox my body from this past weekend’s gorge-fest I felt it was time to do some damage again. Don’t judge. I learned how to make this […]

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