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Spaghetti with a pesto tomato cream sauce

This is easy. This is vegetarian. It’s annoyingly simple. This meshes two of my simple pasta sauces with some cream. MMMMMMMmmm cream. Your taste buds will thank you. The pesto recipe is here. The simple, fresh tomato sauce is here. Add a few tablespoons of cream (regular or heavy whipping cream). Combine and serve over […]

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Spaghetti with grilled baby artichokes

Yes, I realize that I am putting two spaghetti recipes back to back but I like pasta! What can I say?? I would eat it 4 or 5 times a week if I could and then you’d probably see me on the next season of The Biggest Loser. Ugh. Why does it have to have […]

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Spaghetti with anchovies, capers, and garlic

Before you scrunch up your nose at the sight of anchovies and capers give me two minutes to persuade you into trying this recipe! First off, I should preface my two minute persuasion that I used to loathe both anchovies and capers– just the scent would send me into a repulsed, dramatic gagging pantomime! What […]

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