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Roasted eggplant stuffed with ricotta, mushrooms, anchovies.

Let’s talk about anchovies. Man, do they smell nasty, but my oh my are they good! I used to despise anchovies. Blech!  If you snuck them by me in a ceasar salad dressing or concealed in a tomato sauce then ok, fine, you win.  However, if that little brown filet was just sitting whole on […]

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Pan-seared mahi mahi; roasted Campari tomatoes with garlic and feta; wilted spinach and arugula

Wow–that’s a long title for such a simple dish! This dish is easy, folks. You’re not going to find any beurre blanc or insert-whatever-foufy-French-preparation-method here but you will be amazed at how something so simple can be so flavorful! That’s what food is supposed to be about, right?? Sure, the fancy crap is great, but […]

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Kale Chips!

Kale what?! Yep…crispy little kale chips! After hearing about this for months on various food sites and blogs I decided to give it a go this afternoon and all I can say is that it’s a crispy little party in your mouth! In other words–scrumptious! Who doesn’t love potato chips?! For years, Lay’s has based […]

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