Eating House

I had every intention of cooking last night, but my friends and drinks got in the way! After leaving the gym I got roped (ok, ok, I went on my own volition) into happy hour. So after downing an overpriced protein shake from the snack bar at my gym, I met up with them for a night of fun conversations, cheap drinks, and the occasional feeling of dread about how I was going to feel at work the next day. In case you’re wondering, I feel great–can you detect my sarcasm? 😉

In any case, since I didn’t cook last night and don’t have a new recipe posted I wanted to share with my fellow Miami-ans about a new little restaurant that’s been getting a lot of buzz in town. Eating House, located in Coral Gables, is one of these newfangled pop-up restaurants– seems to be the new “it” thing these days. Man, I sound old……. The head chef, Giorgio Rapicavoli, (actually the brother of one of my former students) is a young chef who used to work at 660 at the Angler’s Resort on South Beach and was featured on Chopped on the Food Network (if you care about that kind of stuff). Moving on to bigger and better things, he recently opened Eating House and after looking at the menu I’m in foodie heaven!

The concept of a pop-up restaurant, sometimes called a supper club, is not a new thing, but it seems that here in Miami the idea is spreading like wild fire. Pop-ups are great for chefs because they typically use other restaurant’s facilities and are only open for a limited time which give the chefs a chance to see if their place can hack it in the savage world of the Miami culinary scene.

One cool feature about Eating House is that the menu changes constantly and includes items such as Mongolian bone marrow, poached pears in Pinot Noir, fried chicken and waffles (which I’ve heard is excellent), and pasta alla carbonara with black truffles. Yummers! Prices are reasonable with the highest priced item, sea scallops, at only $27.

I cannot wait to check this place out!! Looks like a spot that I’ll be frequenting a lot. Better hurry though, they’re only open until June!!

Here is their website where you can check out the menu and learn a little more about the place. And here is a Miami New Times review.

What is everyone doing for the weekend?? Any fun meals planned? I always tell myself during the week that I’ll cook on the weekends and Sunday night it usually happens, but the rest of the weekend my stove is rarely touched. It’s something I want to fix, but man, I’m so lazy during the weekends that it’s hard!! Do you guys cook on the weekends?? If so, kudos! I admire you because I turn into one lazy-ass girl. Also, it’s much easier to go out to lunch and dinner with friends on the weekend because there are no work responsibilities, etc. on the agenda. One day…..

Happy Friday 🙂


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2 Comments on “Eating House”

  1. March 20, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    We’ve got a few pop up cafes happening around now but I’ve yet to visit! A pop up supper club sounds way better! Carbonara with black truffles sounds incredible! 🙂 hope you enjoyed with your friends!

    • FoodieMel
      March 21, 2012 at 10:54 am #

      This place is so cool because the menu changes daily. Just means I’ll have to go a few more times 😉

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