Italy…where blogs go to die

Hmmm so I swear I have a good excuse for the past 2 weeks–I’ve been traipsing across Italy (with some Ibiza sprinkled in). Now as for those 2 weeks before I left on my trip, well that was just pure laziness. I wasn’t even working!! Summer vacation officially started on June 9 and that’s when the “I’m not doing a damn thing” attitude set in. And then I left for Europe. It’s a hard life but don’t worry, I’ll take the brunt of it. I’ve got it under control. 😉

So the trip began with the most hellish flights from Miami to Ibiza with a good girl friend of mine. We spent 3 days there soaking up the sun, visiting with friends, and partaking in the outrageous nightlife. We also ate some amazing tapas! Then it was off to Rome for the night where we met up with some other friends of mine and did some bar hopping in the Trastevere area and got lost many times while driving around. Luckily all the Romans had fled to the beach so Rome was practically empty and we had the streets all to ourselves (and also the 8 million tourists).

Then we headed down to Sorrento which we made our home base for 3 nights while we visited Pompeii and hit the beach! We ate great seafood, had drinks with a good friend of mine from high school and his lovely girlfriend, watched Italy kick England’s butt in the Eurocup match, and fell in love with Sorrento’s quaint old world charm.

Then it was a short ferry ride and we arrived in Capri. All I can say is wow! My friend and I decided after 30 mins of being there that we were going to quit our jobs and move there. In Capri we lounged at the beach in Marina Piccola, ate dinner in a lemon orchard at a highly recommended restaurant called Da Paolino, walked for miles around the island, took a private boat tour that took us to all the grottoes and let us swim in them, and went to a local swimming hole with water so clear you could see straight to the bottom. Amazing!

Then another ferry transported us to Positano where we stayed in the most charming b&b up in the cliffs overlooking the town. There we drank wine, watched the sunset, had a great dinner, and best of all, watched Italy beat Germany!!

The next day we day tripped all along the Amalfi coast and spent the afternoon lounging on the beach in Amalfi. In the evening we headed up to Naples and spent the night there before my friend had to fly back to Miami and I had a flight to Venice. I’m currently in Bolzano where I have family and am just enjoying being in the mountains and being able to sleep in and not rush around. The trip has been nonstop so far but one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!!

Once Italy releases me from her spell blogging will commence again, but until then I’m quite content to just sit and be mesmerized.













Sorry for the lack of captions but I’m writing this from my iPhone app and it doesn’t let me add them! The photos do go in chronological order though!


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One Comment on “Italy…where blogs go to die”

  1. Peter
    July 3, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    Ohhhhhh, to live the life of the Foodieteacher… good!!

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