Chunky Corn Chowder with Crispy Pancetta

It’s June in Miami. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s rainy. Sounds perfect for a nice, hot, thick soup, right??

Luckily we live in hermetically sealed rooms of cold-ass air conditioning so realistically we can eat whatever we want. I never let the weather determine my food cravings anyway. Who does that?!

For you vegetarians, you can easily leave out the pancetta and the chowder is still delicious. I just added it because it’s pretty amazing and why not? It’s also up to you how smooth you want to puree it. For me, a chowder has a good balance between smooth and chunky so I left it somewhere in the middle.

Here’s what you need:

3 ears of corn

2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed (I used Russett)

4 cups of stock, vegetable or chicken

1 onion, chopped

3 celery stalks, chopped

1/2 cup of heavy cream

2 tbsp of butter

(2) 1/2 inch slices of pancetta, then cubed at home(You can ask for this at the deli section in your supermarket)

handful of chopped flat leaf parsley (for decoration)


Here’s what you do:

To prep the corn: remove the outer green layers and stand cob upright. With a sharp knife starting at the top of the cob, cut kernels off. Be careful with your fingers! Place kernels in a bowl aside.

In a large pot melt the butter and add the onions and the celery.  Sweat the onions and allow them to cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. Don’t let them brown! Add the stock and bring to a boil. While you’re waiting for the stock to boil, cook the pancetta in a small pan until browned and crispy. Remove the pancetta from the oil and place on a paper towel lined plate.

Once your stock is boiling add the cobs and potatoes to the stock.

Once your potatoes are soft enough (10-15 minutes), remove the cobs and discard. Add the kernels and cook for approximately 5-7 additional minutes.

Using a handheld blender or immersion blender, blend the soup to your desired consistency.

Add the cream and combine and add salt/pepper.

Serve in a bowl and garnish with the parsley and pancetta!


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One Comment on “Chunky Corn Chowder with Crispy Pancetta”

    June 18, 2014 at 4:13 pm #

    I can attest. This was amazing!

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