Burger Beast’s Frita Showdown!

Fresh off a very successful Burger Brawl, the Beast returns once again with another great event: The Frita Showdown! For those of you not familiar with what exactly a frita cubana is, I’ll let the chief cubano do the explaining here. All you really need to know is that they are delicious and addicting!

The showdown is a competition in which local restaurants will be vying for the title of the “Best Frita Cubana in the World” which will be decided by a panel of four judges. This is serious business, folks.

Magic City Casino will host the event which runs from 7-9PM on August 13th. Tickets cost $35 and your ticket will include a frita from each of the participating restaurants, snacks, desserts, and soft drinks.

The restaurants competing for the coveted title are:

 El Rey de la Fritas (2013 champions)

Latin House Grill

 Bread + Butter

Finka Table & Tap

  Cuban Guys Sandwiches

You can buy tickets here and find out more information here.

Photo courtesy of Burger Beast. 

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