Stella Artois Cidre Tasting Event

Last night I attended a fun event sponsored by Stella Artois for their new Stella Artois Cidre at Oak Tavern in the Design District. The event, which was held from 7-10 pm, showcased the newest Stella Artois baby–their apple cider made from hand-picked apples.

A welcome drink of the Cidre was given at the entrance and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! I’m a cider fan to begin with, but their Cidre is not as sweet as other brands that I’ve tried and has a nice, smooth well-rounded flavor. I could drink a few bottles of this and not get sickened by the overly sweet flavor that usually permeates the other cider drinks that I’ve tried.

A long table held plates of Oak Tavern’s house made charcuterie and various gourmet cheeses and even a rabbit pate. Waiters passed hors d’oeuvres such a tuna tartare, bacalao croquettes, lamb sliders, and a foie gras mousse with strawberry jam.

Throughout Oak Tavern there were Stella Artois Cidre stations where you could fill your glass and at the bar, bartenders were serving three specialty cocktails that all featured  Cidre. I had the Harvest Punch which was a refreshing combination of vodka, watermelon, basil, and you guessed it–Cidre!  The other cocktails featured bourbon and rum. If cider wasn’t your thing, guests could also sip on various beers such as Leffe and Hoegaarden.

Boxes of red apples were strewn around the candle-lit courtyard and there was even a photo booth with props for guests to let loose and have some fun!

As guests exited they each received a gift bag with a Stella Artois glass and a bottle of the Cidre.

Thanks for a fun night!

**Please excuse the terrible quality of the photos–iphone 5 in dark lighting is not very good!


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