A Valentine’s Day Picture Recap….

I know it’s been almost a month since Valentine’s day but I am still thinking about the amazing feast  that my super duper boyfriend prepared for me! He went out all out with laminated menus, a chef’s coat, and some of the most amazing food ever!! He even had a signature cocktail for the night and made homemade chocolates and wrapped them individually!! What??? How cute is that? It was a perfect Valentine’s Day and it was sooooo much nicer than going out to dinner. Unlike most girls, I loathe going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day–you always feel rushed by the servers because they overlap reservations, usually there is a fixed menu so you’re not at liberty to order what you want, and the food is usually sub par because it’s a factory line back in the kitchen just trying to get everything out as quick as possible. No, thanks. I’ll take a quiet, romantic, gourmet meal cooked by my honey any day over that. Wouldn’t you? 🙂 Thank again, B!


The most beautiful bouquet of peach roses, my fave!


The laminated menu!


Charcuterie plate to snack on while he cooked


Lobster poached in butter…need I say more?


Arugula salad with stone crab!


Strawberry creme brulee


And he loves my dog?! 🙂


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