Salmon, veggies, and salad…oh my!

This week I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I’m trying to get everything ready and organized for my trip (doing laundry, packing, buying some last-minute clothes/supplies) and this week I decided to rev up my workout regime even more (of course I would) so I’m feeling a little burnt out and it’s only Wednesday! Ufffff! Helllooooooo tropical, fruity drink with an umbrella…where are you?! 😉

My dad came to Miami yesterday to pick up my dogs so he can watch them for me while I’m cruising away and we decided to cook something at home because we were both exhausted. It sounded like a great idea at first, but halfway through preparing the meal we both agreed that it would have been much easier to have just ordered some chinese food, sit on the couch, and watch Jeopardy. At that point though we were already invested in this meal so we trudged on….all the while thinking about the simplicity of that damn Chinese food! Still keeping with the low-carb theme, here’s what we made:

Baked salmon with a thyme infused butter; sautéed broccoli with garlic; steamed asparagus; salad

Here’s what you need:

salmon fillets



fresh garlic (2-3 cloves)

fresh thyme sprigs (remove the leaves from the stems)

butter/salt/pepper/olive oil

Here’s what you do:

Preheat your oven (or toaster oven) to 400 degrees. Put 2 small pots of water on to boil for the broccoli and asparagus.

Cut off the bottom portion of the stems of asparagus (usually 2-3 inches) and cut the broccoli into florets.

The salmon will only take about 10 minutes to cook so you want to wait to do that last. In the meantime, drop the broccoli in the boiling water and keep an eye on it. Once it’s at your desired tenderness dump it into a colander and either put it in an ice bath or just run some cold water over it to prevent it from continuing to cook.

Once the water for the asparagus is boiling, throw those in. If you need to cut them in half to fit them in the pot, then do it! You might want to throw the stems in first if they’re a lot thicker than the tops.

Put a few pads of butter in your baking dish and the thyme leaves and stick it in your preheated oven. Keep an eye on it! Don’t burn the butter! Once it’s melted, salt and pepper your salmon fillets and place them in the baking dish and put them in the oven.

Once your asparagus are done, stick a tab of butter and some grated parmigiano cheese if you’d like. Cheese makes everything better! Now those are done.

Back to the broccoli, heat up a pan with some olive oil and cook your garlic for a few minutes, being careful not to burn it. Throw in your broccoli florets and let everything sautee for a few minutes. If it looks a little dry then just add some more olive oil.

Check on your salmon, flip it over, and after a few minutes check it with a fork to see if it’s done. It should be flaky.

Plate everything and enjoy! This isn’t one of my best meals–buuuut it’s quick and healthy!

Buon appetito!




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One Comment on “Salmon, veggies, and salad…oh my!”

  1. miriam castillo
    March 8, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    I’m going to try this meal, salmon is my favorite..

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